About Us

Murray LLP was established with the purpose of serving clients in the following ways:

1. Timely and effective legal representation and best legal advice in a prompt and cost effective manner.

2. Focus on commercial transactions, resolution of disputes, business legal advice and hedge fund formation.

3. International experience and network of advisors other firms cannot match.

Every day we work hard to exceed client expectations both in terms of the quality of our counsel and the timeliness of such advice. Our small size enables us to focus specifically on our client needs.

We will zealously protect client information in accordance with the applicable ethical rules and attorney-client privilege.   It is our policy not to disclose client information or names for the purpose of marketing or advertising.

Offering additional opportunities and not having to deal with different organizational layers and teams serves our clients well and sets us apart from other firms.

Our attorneys are experienced in handling some of the most complex legal issues, working hard to meet client objectives.  We ensure that our clients receive the best legal advice and judgment possible.

Contact Murray LLP today at 212 729 3045.

For the Statement of Client’s Rights click the below:
Statement of Client’s Rights


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