Business Strategy


We view our services and advice as part of our client’s business strategy.

Corporate law

We can provide advice and counsel on a wide variety of corporate law matters, including share purchases and sales, shareholder agreements, articles of incorporation, liquidations, state filings and shareholder and board room disputes.

Corporate & Business Services

For all types of contractual matters, we can provide you with cost effective and proactive counsel and advice.  We will be happy to advise you on all types of contracts and agreements.  We can produce terms and conditions of business and advise on disputes relating to contracts.

Business Entity Formation

We can assist with the formation of companies (C- and S- Corp), limited liability corporations, limited partnerships and partnerships to protect your assets and business.  Some of the key aspects to consider when forming your business entity includes:

1.  What are the investor or partners’ objectives?

2. How can we ensure the best tax compliant structure?

3. How can we protect the business from legal risks?

4. What is the optimal investment structure?

Internet Licensing and Agreements

Increasing amounts of business is being conducted over the internet and we can advise and counsel you on the appropriate form of licenses and agreements, and prepare the correct forms to protect your business.

Business Tax

We can assist with the tax issues arising from a business purchase and sale.  In New York, there can be significant sales tax consequences in a business asset purchase.  There is often a conflict between the interests of the purchase or seller, and in our representation we deliver the best advice to our client to navigate those issues to achieve the best legal protections.

Entity Formation

For details of the jurisdictions we can assist with the formation of entities please visit the below.

For further details of the above services please contact Murray LLP.  E-mail Tel: 212 729 3045.

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