Contract Law & Legal Agreements

All businesses enter into contracts of one type or another.  It includes contracts with customers as well as vendors and suppliers.  We can prepare and review all types of business agreements and contracts.

Ensuring that contracts properly reflect the understanding of the parties and that there are no contractual terms that can cause unintended consequences is essential.

New York contract law provides great flexibility, however, it is essential to make sure that all contract law terms are properly adhered to.  We take a highly skilled approach to the representation of our clients and will ensure that all work is undertaken in a cost effective and timely manner.

Amongst the matters to be considered when reviewing a contract:

1. Who are the parties?

2. Are the prices and fees for the service properly described?

3. If the contract has to be litigated which court will be used and what laws will apply?

4. How and when can the contract and relationship be terminated?

5. What happens in the case of bankruptcy of one of the parties?

6. How can the contract be amended?

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