John Clarke

John Clarke, LLB. (Hons), W.S. 

Solicitor, Notary Public, Writer to the Signet

John Clarke is a consultant lawyer to Murray LLP. John is one of three founding partners (members) of CCW LLP, a commercial law firm with offices in Edinburgh, Dunfermline and Salisbury. He heads up the corporate and business strategies teams of CCW LLP. He offers corporate, business recovery, corporate finance and general commercial advice. He is also a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner and an Accredited Specialist in Insolvency Law in the U.K, providing advice to both insolvency office holders and to businesses facing insolvency problems. John works closely with his colleagues inAvrio-Advocati, and is the former President of this group of international law firms.
+44 1383 608 203


Megan Smith, paralegal

Megan Smith is Murray LLP’s paralegal supporting the attorneys. 

1 345 749 8182

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