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Terms and conditions of use of the Murray LLP (www.murrayllp.com) website.  

“Website” means this website (www.murrayllp.com);

“You” or “you” means a party that is viewing or reading the contents of the Website.

1. The use of the Website by You is governed by these terms and conditions.  By accessing this Website you are agreeing to abide and agree to these terms and conditions in full.

2.Neither this Website nor any of the materials contained on this Website shall be deemed to constitute legal advice.  You should not act or refrain from acting based solely on the contents of this Website.  You should consult an attorney before taking any action that could have legal consequences.  Any of the information on this Website may not be appropriate or relevant to your circumstances and therefore you should contact an Attorney.  Nor shall  you accessing this website form an attorney client relationship with Murray LLP or any of its attorneys.  An attorney client relationship may only be constituted by contacting Murray LLP in person or in writing and receipt of an agreement or express acknowledgment from Murray LLP to represent a named party.

3. You may not copy, distribute or reproduce any part of this website in whole or part without the prior consent of Murray LLP.  Murray LLP is the sole owner of this website and its content and asserts fully its copyright and other intellectual legal rights to the content (including any devices or logos).  You may not use or reproduce any part of this website in a publication or use extracts thereof.  Any breach of the rights of Murray LLP may be enforced against you in the courts of New York or other applicable venue without notice.

4. Murray LLP disclaims to the fullest extent permitted by law any liability for use of this website by you or any other party.  No warranty is given as to the accuracy or fitness for purpose of any information on the Website and you should not take any information as conclusive or definitive on any matter and you should contact Murray LLP or another attorney before embarking on a course of action based on the information on this website. We cannot guarantee that the Website is free or viruses or malware and you should take all reasonable steps to ensure that your computer or network is sufficiently protected.  Murray LLP disclaims any liability for any damage to any equipment or software from the use of this Website.

5. Murray LLP accepts no liability for any damages in contract, tort (negligence) or any other legal theory from you or any other party from the use of the Website. Murray LLP entirely disclaims all warranties, representations (express or implied) as to the contents of the Website.  Murray LLP shall also not be liable for direct or indirect, special, consequential or economic losses that you or any other party may attempt to assert or claim from the use of the Website.  Murray LLP reserves the right without notice to amend or otherwise vary these terms and conditions and its Website.

6. You may not use any of the information on this Website for unauthorized purposes or illegally attempt to access, modify or otherwise interfere with the content or use of the Murray LLP Website.  Murray LLP reserves the right to monitor use of the website.  You may not undertake any activities based on information in the Murray LLP to seek to breach the confidentiality, harass or illegally interfere with any Murray LLP partner, employee, agent or client of Murray LLP.  Murray LLP may include links from this Website to other third party websites.  Murray LLP is not responsible for any of the contents of external websites, whether or not there is a link to them from this Website.

7. The Website may constitute “Attorney Advertising” under New York State Professional Practice Rules.  Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.  If you are viewing this Website in a state or jurisdiction that is not permitted you should leave this Website immediately.  The courts of New York shall have non-exclusive jurisdiction to hear any disputes arising from these terms and conditions.

8. Please contact Anthony Murray (anthony@murrayllp.com) or 212-729-3045 for further information on these terms and conditions.  No party other than a partner of Murray LLP is authorized to modify any of the terms of these terms and conditions.


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